Historical Societv of the District of Columbia Circuit
Oral History Agreement of Stephen J. Pollak
1. Having agreed to conduct an oral history interview with William B. Schultzfor
the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit, Washington, DC, and
its employees and agents (hereinafter “the Society”), I, Stephen J. Pollak, do hereby grant
and convey to the Society and its successors and assigns all of my rights, title, and interest in
the voice recordings and transcripts of the interviews as described in Schedule A hereto,
including literary rights and copyrights.
2. I understand that the Society may duplicate, edit, or publish in any form or
format, including publication on the Internet, and permit the use of said voice recordings and
transcripts in any manner that the Society considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I
may have or acquire to any royalties from such use.
3. I agree that I will make no use of the oral history or the information contained
therein until it is concluded and edited, or until I receive permission from the Society.
t z- )o’ 2>
Stephen J.
-xe++o> N
r,r C,Gl
swo TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me this orW2o2b
Notary Public
l;, by James E. Rocap III. President of
James E. Rocap III
b.c t-
Schedule A
Voice recordings and transcripts resulting from twelve interviews of William B. Schultz
conducted on the following dates by Stephen J. Pollak:
Interview No. and Date Description of Media Pages of Transcript
Containing Voice Recordings
No.1, January 12,2021 Digital File 1-39
No. 2, February 17, 2021 Digital File 40-75
No. 3, May 5, 2021 Digital File 76-109
No. 4, May 28, 2021 Digital File 110-140
No.5, June 17,2021 Digital File 141-172
No. 6, November 11, 2021 Digital File 173-206
No.7, November 20,2021 Digital File 207-239
No.8, December 21,2021 Digital File 240-258
No. 9, February 25, 2022 Digital File 259-284
No. 10, March 25, 2022 Digital File 285-322
No. 11, June 9, 2022 Digital File 323-342
No. 12, June 17, 2022 Digital File 343-382