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Roger Pollak
Roger is a member of the firm. His practice focuses on assisting non-profit
organizations, including unions, in managing a wide variety of organizational matters.
He is outside general counsel of Union Privilege, a non-profit organization that develops
and promotes member benefits for unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO. In this capacity,
he handles all of Union Privilege’s legal matters, including its business, tax, HR, privacy
and information security, and governance issues.
For Union Privilege, Roger negotiates arrangements with banks, insurance companies,
telecommunications companies, and numerous other product and service providers
pursuant to which the services of these businesses are made available by Union
Privilege to more than ten million union members. Most notably, Roger is responsible
for managing both legal and business aspects of Union Privilege’s affinity credit card
program, which – with more than one million cardholders – stands as one of the largest
such programs in the world.
Roger also has responsibility for significant business-to-business contracting
undertaken by the AFL-CIO itself – a $100 million year organization – including Internet,
software, telecommunications, data management, and other business relationships.
Roger handles similar responsibilities for numerous other firm clients.
Roger helped establish and is outside general counsel for Vital HealthCare Capital, a
national charitable loan fund that provides financing and development services to
support quality healthcare and good healthcare jobs in low-income communities, and
the BlueGreen Alliance, a partnership of unions and environmental organizations that
focuses on developing commonsense solutions to environmental challenges in a way
that creates and maintains quality jobs.
Roger has assisted with the creation of many other non-profits, some that have involved
the creation of sister 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) arrangements or for-profit subsidiaries.
And Roger provides ongoing legal support for board and committee functions and other
governance activities for many of these organizations.
Roger assists clients with trademark and copyright issues. He has negotiated numerous
trademark licensing agreements, helping clients obtain fair royalties, comply with IRS
requirements for ensuring the tax exempt treatment of such royalties, and protect the
ownership of their marks. He also assists non-profits more generally in protecting
intellectual property assets and dealing with trademark and copyright issues.
Roger addresses novel legal and managerial issues related to efforts of clients to make
effective use of the Internet. He helps clients negotiate contracts for website
development, hosting and other web-related services. He assists clients in crafting
appropriate privacy policies, user agreements, and community guidelines for their
websites and acceptable policies for use of email and the Internet by their employees.
He also counsels clients on information security issues.
In addition to his work with non-profits, Roger has also represented clients in complex
arbitrations, including interest arbitrations in the steel, postal, and airline sectors and
airline pilot seniority list integrations. He has also assisted in major renegotiations of
pilot and flight attendant collective bargaining agreements.
In approaching commercial contracting situations, Roger draws on his legal and
business experience and skills to assist his clients with conceptualizing how best to
structure a business relationship, how to reduce oral agreements to effective contract
language, and, frequently, how to manage such relationships on a continuing basis.
Roger obtained his J.D. at Yale University, where he also received an M.B.A. from the
Yale School of Management. Roger received his B.S. from the University of California at
Berkeley, College of Natural Resources and was Valedictorian of his class. Prior to
graduate school, Roger was executive director of a non-profit environmental group in
Connecticut. During graduate school, he worked as a consultant for the firm of Brody &
Weiser, providing financial and organizational consulting services to non-profits.
Roger helped found and is President Emeritus of The Rosedale Conservancy, a
Washington, D.C. land trust that owns and manages a small urban historic landscape
and park.
Roger can be reached at rpollak@bredhoff.com.