Standard Form
Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit
Oral Historv Agreement of
1. Having agreed to conduct an oral history interview with zd & r/, 6 GDu~ Gctdner
for the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit, Washington, D.C., and its
employees and agents (hereinafter “the Society”), I, \ .ILL 1 5 G P , do hereby grant and
convey to the Society and its successors and assigns, all of my right, titlg and interest in the tape
recordings, transcripts and computer diskette of interviews, as described in Schedule A hereto,
including literary rights and copyrights.
2. I authorize the Society to duplicate, edit, publish, including publication on the
internet, or permit the use of said tape recordings, transcripts and diskette in any manner that the
Society considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I may have or acquire to any royalties from
such use.
3. I agree that I will make no use of the interview or the information contained
therein until it is concluded and edited, or until I receive permission from the Society.
[Signature of Interviewer Date Interviewer] Date 7
TO ’ SUBSCRTBED before me this
day of RGU C, 4 I ,2099-
I ,W! 1
dary Public
My Commission expires 03-i@–t9 [y,
the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit.
day of &rrU- Jy , 200eby Stephen J. Pollak, President of
Schedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript(s) resulting from – 4 interviews of
Pages of
Date (Month, Day, Year) & Title Number of Tapes Transcript
The transcripts of the 1-( interviews are contained on diskette(s).