Interviewer Form
Historical society of the District of Columbia circuit
Interviewer oral History Agreement
? 1?. L. HOabLt..vin a reed to conducfotr a tnh oer Hali shtiosrtiocraly Sioncteirvetyie wo fw ith Dist ct of ColW11.Dia Circuit, Washington, o.c., I, ? La-w-tt3helc ct, do hereby grant and convey to the
_S o….ci -e ?t-y _an_-:-d—:-i-:-ts_ succe ss-o-rs and assigns, all of my.:,right, title, ianntde rviniteewrse,s t asi nd tehsec rtiabpeed irne coSrcdhiendgusl ea An dh etrreatnosc, riipntcsl uodfi ng literights and copyrights. rary
or perm2. it tIh ae uuthseo rize the Society, to duplicate, edit, publish, manner that the Soocif etsayi cdo ntsaipdee rres coaprdpironpgrsi aantde, tranands cI rwiapitvse ian nya ny claims I may have or acquire to any royalties (rom such use.
inform3a. tionI caognrteae ithnedat t hI ewreiilnl umanktei ln iot uisse ocof ntchlued eidn teanrvd ieedwi toerd ,t he or until I receive permission from the Society.
Signature of Interviewer
?ORN TO AND SUBSCR.l:BED before me this tJlh day of
Jlf’,[ e«nhe.r , 1995..
Nota;y Public Teruko R. Scriven
Notary Public, District of Columbia
My Commission Expires April 14, 1996 My commission expires _______________ _
tz/{p }°JS
ACCEPTED this J-/iti day of a,….?,’ Gribben, President of the Histor½lsoci19et1)y, obf y thDea nDiiels tMr.i ct of Columbia circuit.
Daniel M. Gribbon
VSchedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript resulting from –:–f_o_u_r __ _(number)
interviews of ___ ,;;J?u _d?g?e_Lo _u_i_s,…F_._O?b_e?r_ d?o_r_f_e_r _______ _
on the following dates: 11
2/20/92 – 2 tapes
2/28/92 – 1 tape
3/13/92 – 1 tape
4/23/92 – 1 tape
1/ Identify specifically for each interview, the date thereof
and (1) the number of tapes being conveyed, and (2) the number of
pages of the transcript of that interview.