Historical society of the District of Columbia Circuit
Interviewer Oral History Agreement
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SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me this ?rJ..day of :5″u.μe , 199’4
ry Public
My commission expires ?l’l;/1f{p
this ?a?ay of ‘-rh ? l??by Daniel M.
ACCEPTED GCroliubbmobni,a CPriresciuditen. t of the Historical Society of the District of
Daniel M. Gribbon
– iv –
Schedule A
‘lapo rec::ording(11) and “ans”°ipt reslilti.ng from _7f;..;;;i_v-::-e (n\llllli,-cz-..J
.lDten1eva o? ___ 0_1_1_·v_e_r_c=a_s?c?h–c-_-.—=———–
D@cember 2, 1991 – 51 pagea
Deeembar 9, 1991 – 47 pages
DeeQBlber 19. 1901 – 35 p.sgeG
January 29, 1992 – 47 pages
H.a?oh 2, 1992 – 40 pages
J,/ :14entify speo1fic:ally for eaoh in?iov, the date ?eof
and (1) the numJ,er ot tapes being conveyed, and (2) t.he number ot
pa9oi; of the transcript c? ?? interview.