Historical society of the District;of co?μmbia c?rcuit
Interyiewer 01;al History. Agreew.ent
1. Having agreed to conduct an oral history int rviaw with
David Ginsburg for the Historical Society of the istrict of
Columbia Circuit, Washington, D.C., I, · F. Lis ,
hereby grant and convey to the society and its success rs and
assigns, all of my ri,ght, title, and interest in the t pe recordings,
transcripts apd: computer diskette .of interviews, as
described in Schedule A hereto, including lite?ary rig?ts and
copyrights. ·
2, I authorize the society, to duplicat.e, edit, publish,
or permit the use of said tape recording,s, transcripts and
diskette in any manner that the Society considers appr?priate,
and I waive any claims I may have or acquire to any royalties
from such use.
3. I agree that I will make no us’.e of the inter,riew or the
information contained therein until it is concluded an? edited,
or until I receive permission from the society.
My Commission expires C/ /2 /J! l1p’-z]
I ,
ACCEPTED this / j ft,,, day of /)e.£-ehf.it!r , 19 !1, b? Daniel M.
Gribben, President of the Historical society of the Di?trict of
Columbia Circuit.
Daniel M. Gribben
Schedule A
Tape recordings and transcripts resulting from four interviews conducted by
Jeffrey F. Liss on the fo llowing dates: