November l, 1994
Historical Society ot the District of Columbia Circuit
Interviewee oral History Agreement
1. In consideration of the recording and preservation of
my oral history memoir by the Historical Society of the District
of Columbia Circuit, Washington, o.c., fld !t
s e?lqy?ei-, !nd agents (hereinafter “the Society”), I, t:;1e► e►?I –l. f’1.d 1 4 e.-‘4.<Jl,-a
except ·as .. othervise provided herein and 1n Schedule B attached
hereto, do hereby grant and convey to the Society and its
successors and assigns all of my right, title, and interest in
the tape recordings and transcripts of interviews of me as
described in Schedule A hereto, including literary rights and
copyrights. All copies of the tapes and transcripts are subject
to the same restrictions, herein provided.
2. The foregoing transfer is subject to any exceptions
specified in Schedule B hereto.
3. I also reserve the right to use the tapes and
transcripts and their content as a resource for any book,
pamphlet, article or other writing of ?hich I am an author or coauthor.
4. I authorize the Society, subject to any exceptions in
Schedule B attached hereto, to duplicate, edit, publish, or
permit the use of said tape recordings and transcripts in any
manner ?hat the Society considers appropriate, and I waive any
claims 11 may have or acquire to any ro al ties from such use.
.14..,. b-t? …\ ·
(ame of Intervif-1ew;e le )I UI. ‘¼=ae? /9 ff
TRNO O AN D SUBSCRIBED before me this .,…& day of
?—–??–,tx.=. =—–1’9 9,2 .
MyCmnnuss10n Expires July 31, 2002 N ry ic
• J ?
My Commission .expires __ 1_f_3_•➔/_)..6 _ 0_’2-__________ _
this /£/t, day of &? 19? by Daniel M.
President of the Historical Society of the District of
Daniel M. Gribben
Schedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript(s) resulting from
4 interviews of
. dates:11· ·
Nov. 14, 1995
Nov. 15, 1995
Dec. 9, 1996
Dec. 11, 1996
Herbert J. Miller
1 tape
1 tape
1 tape
1 tape
All interviews are contained on one disket te.
on the following
49 pages
48 pages
52 pages
46 pages
1/ Identify, specifically for each interview, the date thereof
and (1) the number of tapes being conveyed, (2) the number of
pages of the transcript of that interview, and (3) the diskette
containing the transcript.