December 18, 1997
Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit
Interviewee Oral History Agreement
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and its employees and agents (hereinafter “the Society”), I, E. except as otherwise provided herein and in Schedule B attacheBda hrererettt oP, rdeot thyemreabny, Jgrr.a, nt and convey to the Society: and its successors and assigns all of my right, title, and
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transcripts are subject to the same restrictions, herein provided.
hereto.2 . The foregoing transfer is subject to any exceptions specified in Schedule B
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?£ 1:, MI ‘I I
E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr. Date
SvVORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me this ?ay ofl>f’Cai>h-r 199?1.
/Notary Public
My commission expires ?, /1.f., :lt)o ;J…,
the HisAtCorCicEaPl TSEocDie ttyh iosf2 th?e Distrifc ??? -b1ia9 9C.,iircbuyi tD. aniel M. Gribbon, President of
Daniel M. Gribbon
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December 18, 1997
Schedule A
Tape recordings and transcript resulting from seven interviews conducted
by Robert H. Kapp on the following dates:
March 19, 1996
June 6, 1996
July 15, 1996
September 4, 1996
October 3, 1996
February 11, 1997
May 14, 1997
1 Tape, 29 pages (pp. 1-29)
2 Tapes, 46 pages (pp. 30-7 5)
1 Tape, 32 pages (pp. 76-107)
1 Tape, 25 pages (pp. 108-132)
1 Tape, 38 pages (pp. 133-170)
1 Tape, 26 pages (pp. 171-196)
1 Tape, 30 pages (pp. 197-226)
1, 1994
Schedule B
Exceptions to oral History Agreement
(Please initial only those p rovisions that you wish to
apply, and only it you wish to limit the use of your intervie?.)
6. x
The entire tape and transcript shall not be made
available to anyone other than myself, the
interviewer, and the Society without my express
written pennission until
(state· date or event].
The following page(s)
tape relating thereto shall
and the
be closed to all users
(state date or
written permission. event), except with my express
It is agreed that the Society shall not authorize
publication of the transcript or any (substantial)
part thereof during my lifetime without my express
written permission, but that the Society may
authorize scholars, researchers and others to make
brief quotations therefrom without my written
It is agreed that the Society shall not authorize
publication by others of the transcript or any
part thereof, including brief quotations, during
my lifetime without my express written permission.
I retain all of my right, title, and interest in
the tapes, transcripts and their content,
including literary rights and copyrights, until
(state date or event], at
which time these rights shall vest in the
Historical Society of the District of Columbia
In the event of my incapacity, I designate
Robert H. Kapp of 555 Thirteenfh Street NW,
(name) (address) washincrton oc 20004
to make decisions related to the use of my oral
history interview. Upon the death or incapacity
of this designee, I authorize the Society to make
such decisions on my behalf.
I impose the following additional conditions