Interviewer Form
Historical society at the District ot columpia circuit
tllteaiewer oral Uutory Agreement
,l\ ? – 1. Having_ aCJl:?ed t? .fOnduct an oral history interview with ?? W . CJ’ . Dis R 1/\r,.o ? for the Historical Soc.:iety of the ?olumbia fircult, Washington, o.c., I, & ? t..L\…
-so?ci?…….et? y ?an–=-d? i-,- ts- s-uc-ce-ss-ors’ ando dh easrsebigy ngs,r analt l anofd rJJYcon vrieygh tt,o tthite le,
ainntde rvintieerwses, ta si nd etshcer itbapede rine cSocrhdeidnuglse aAn dh terreantsoc, riinpctlsu dofin g literary
rights and copyrights.
2. I authorize the Society, to duplicate, edit, pU.blish,
or permit the use of said tape recordings and transcripts in any
manner that the Society considers appropriate, and I waive any
clai?s I may have or acquire to any royalties from such use.
informJ_a tionr caognretae intheda t thr erweiilnl umnatkie l, niot usise cofon ctlhued eind teanrvd ieedwi toerd .th, e
or· until I .receive permission … from the society.
F) (vi…,,/ ft,( ‘?
Signature of Interviewer
swioou;? AND SUBSCRIBE? before me this lOTH day of ·
———-‘ 199_.
} ?
?i.&;-?–a?<-J—– Notary lie ,/’KARLA BALOURDOS
i\iy_ Cv::,:r.:.,:”;: L · ,·:: ‘” j:::;_ l +, 20CO My com.mission expires_-=—?——–,,——‘—
AGCrCibEPTbonED,· Columbia
. ? . this J.-l. day of &e,.L ?
CPrirescuiidten. t of the Historical
, . 19 C/ 1 by Daniel M. Society or the District of
Daniel K. Gribben
Tape record¥Jg(s) and transcr;pt resul?ing from
interview/. of ?? lv J /:J?na ? T
. (Interviewee) on the following datef?’
,,… ,- . /41 tvl? 13 {iYi..
l/ Identify specifically for each interview, the date thereof
and (l) the number of tapes being conveyed, and (2) the number of
pages ot the transcript of that interview.