DRAFT: December 15, 1993
Historical society of the District of Columbia Circuit
Interviewer Oral History Agreement
1-? ing agreed to conduct an oral history interview with &o(h.N-d’ District of Co(,l ia Circufiotr, tWheas Hhiisngttoorni,c aDl. CS.o,c iIe,t y of the VA:1,t,'</ K,
So€ci?e”‘-t?y4- and its successors, daond h earsesbiyg ngsr, aanltl aondf cmyo nrviegy htt,o ttihtel e, ainntde rvintieerwess, t aisn dtehsec ritbaeped rienc Socrhdeidnugls ea An dh etrreatnos,c riipntcsl uodfi ng literary rights and copyrights.
or perm2. it tIh aeu tusheo roifz es atihde Stoacpiee treyc, otrod idnugpsl iacnadt ter, aendsictr,i pptusb liins ah,n y mclaaninmesr tI hmata yt hhaev Se ocori eatcyq cuoinrsei dteor sa nay prporyoaplrtiiaetes, fraonmd Is uwcha iuvse e.a ny
inform3a. tionI caognrteea itnheadt t hIe wreiilln umnatkiel n iot u isse coofn ctlheu diendt aenrvd ieedwi toer dt, he aenxdt etnhta pte Irm wititleld t hbeyn tuhsee S souccihe tiyn.f ormation only if and to the
SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before e this J2 day of …, ? , 199if’.
Nota Public Marlene E. K Iman
Notmy Public, District I Columbia
My commission expires_U”‘Iu ?__ission_ _i;:……,.,,,. ;. es_ 0cL_ 1_4, 19_96 ___
AGrCCiEbPTboEn,D Prtehsisi dpLen-at ?of athy e ofH is,7ntor;lliica?l S o, ci1e?ty o fby tDhaen iDieslt “1ri· ct of Columbia Circuit.
Daniel M. Gribbon
– iv –
DRAFT: December 15, 1993
Schedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript resulting from -kt)-=— ?–
interviews of ?J vJ?c\. \?? (number)
on the following dates: !’

y Identify specifically for each interview, the date thereof
and (1) the nwtber of tapes being conveyed, and (2) the number of
pages of the transcript of that interview.