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Sfmdard Form
Histories Society of tbe District of Columbia Circuit
Oral HistorvAmcment of [Na.me of JntmieweeJ
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1. In conshieration of the recording and preservation of my oral history memoir by the
Historical Society of the J)jstrict of c9i:ibia ?t, Washington, D.C., atl.d its Elfflployoes and
agents (hereinaftm- 0the Society”), I. ft.l. ft… MlJ_J If, do heteby grant and con.vey to the
Society and its su.QCeSsors and assigns all otmyrights, title1 and interest in the ?l’e recordiqs,
diiital re-:ording11,. trauscripts. computer diskettes, and DVDs of the interviews ofme as
described in Schedule A hereto, iJ’lcluding Jiterary rights and copyrights. All copies of the tape
rec:orc:ungs, digital recordings, transcripts, computer diskettes, and DVDs are subject to tho same
restrictions herein t>fOvided.
2. Accordingly, the Socii,ty may duplicate, edit, publish in any fonn or format, including
publication on the Internet, and :permit the use of said tape recordings, digital recordings,
transorlpts, computer diskettes, and DVDs in any mumer that the Society considers appropriate,
and I waive any clabns I may have or acquire to any royalties from such use.
3. I reserYe for myself and to the executor of my estate only the non–exclusive right to
use the tape recordings, digital recordings, transcripts, computer diskettes, and DVDs and their
content as a rwource for any book, pam-phlet, article or other writin.g of whicb I or my executor
IDl!’be lb& author am-author 1lf,,v fi{? ? (f/ /y
[Signature o Itlterviewee] (Date]
f!! dayof_….,J.:.M?;\c:—‘ 20f/..
My / .. L’i– 2a9
ACCEPTED this ‘i ·? day of \y Cle/, , 20? by Stephen J. Pollak, President of the
Historical Society of the District of CoJumbia Circuit.
?· !/? ‘@ff;;,&,Schedule A
Tapes recordings, digital recordings, transcripts, computer diskettes and electronic media resulting
from three interviews of Abe Krash, conducted on the following dates:
Pages of
Interview No. and Date Number of Tapes or CDs Final
No. 1, June 6, 2013 } 1-38
No. 2, August 13, 2013 } 39-72
No. 3, October 16, 2013 } All on one flash drive 73-118
No. 4, November 7, 2013 } 119-140
No. 5, December 16, 2013 } 141-169
The transcripts of the five interviews are contained on one flash drive.