American University Washington College of Law
Harvard Law School, J.D.
Executive Editor, Harvard Civil Rights — Civil Liberties Law Review.
Bryn Mawr College, A.B. magna cum laude
American University Washington College of Law
Associate Professor as of 2009-10 term
Assistant Professor 2006-09
Visiting Associate Professor 2002-06
“Judges Judging Judicial Candidates: Should currently serving judges participate in commissions to screen and
recommend Article III candidates below the Supreme Court level?” Penn. St. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2009).
“My Brethren’s (Gate) Keeper? Testimony by U.S. Judges at Others’ Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings,”
40 Ariz. St. L. J. 1181 (2008).
“Why Care About the History of Women in the Legal Profession?,” 27 Rutgers Worn. Rts. L. Rep. 59 (2006).
“Treading on Hallowed Ground: Implications for Property Law and Critical Theory of Land Associated with
Human Death and Burial,” 94 Kentucky L. J. 487 (2006).
“Keep Your Hands Off My (Dead) Body: A Critique of the Ways in Which the State Disrupts Personhood
Interests of the Deceased and His or Her Kin in Disposing of the Dead and Assigning Identity in Death,” 58
Rutgers L. Rev. 45 (2005).
“Reconstructing the World Trade Center: An Argument for the Applicability of Personhood Theory to
Commercial Property Ownership and Use,” 109 Penn. State L. Rev. 815 (2005).
“Lessons from the World Trade Center for Open Space Planning Generally and Boston’s Big Dig Specifically,”
32 Boston College Envir. Alf L. Rev. 301 (2005).
“Women as Supreme Court Advocates, 1879-1979,” Journal of Supreme Court History (2005).
[This is a footnoted version of my Supreme Court Historical Society lecture, April 2004.]
Mary L. Clark / page 2
“Op Ed: A Fresh Start at Ground Zero,” New York Times A27 (May 5, 2004).
“One Man’s Token Is Another Woman’s Breakthrough? The Appointment of the First Women Federal Judges,’
49 Villanova L. Rev. 487 (2004).
“Carter’s Groundbreaking Appointment of Women to the Federal Bench: His Other ‘Human Rights’ Record,”
11 Am. U. J. of Gender, Social Policy and Law 1131 (2003).
“Changing the Face of the Law: How Women’s Advocacy Groups Put Women on the Federal Judicial
Appointments Agenda,” 14 Yale J. Law and Fem. 243 (2002).
“The First Women Members of the Supreme Court Bar, 1879-1900,” 36 San Diego L. Rev. 87 (1999).
“The Founding of the. Washington College of Law: The First Law School Established by Women for Women,”
47 Am. U. L. Rev. 613 (1998).
Yale Law School 1999-2001
Visiting Lecturer and Director, Lawyering Ethics Project
Co-led clinical program in which students represented individuals alleging attorney misconduct
before the statewide bar committee.
Research Scholar on Women in the Legal Profession
Researched and wrote a history of women at Yale Law School, set in the larger context of the history
of women in legal education and the legal profession. Taught seminar on same.
Director, Arthur Liman Public Interest Program
Directed public interest law fellowship program.
Supreme Court Fellows Program, Supreme Court Fellow, Federal Judicial Center 1998-99
Assisted in drafting report to Congress of the Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal
Courts of Appeal. Conducted research and writing on history of women federal judges.
Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr., Teaching Fellow, Appellate Litigation Program 1996-98
Supervised third-year students in litigating cases in U.S. Courts of Appeal and U.S. Supreme Court.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Appellate Attorney 1992-96
Litigated cases of first impression under Title VII and the ADA in the U.S. Courts of Appeal.
Judge Godbold, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, Montgomery, AL, Law Clerk 1991-92
Member, D.C. Bar Legal Ethics Committee (2007-10)
Past President, Washington Council of Lawyers
Past Executive Committee Member, Women’s Bar Association of D.C.