SW01%TO AND SUBSC’ BED before me
This day of , 2007.
Women Trailblazers in the Law
A Project of the American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession
Oral History of Judith Winston
1. Having agreed to conduct a series of oral history interview with Judith Winston for Women
Trailblazers in the Law, A Project of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession
(hereinafter “the Project”), I, Marna Tucker, hereby grant and convey to the Project and its
successors and assigns, all of my rights, title, and interest in the tape recordings, transcripts, and
computer diskettes and/or CDs of my interviews, as described in Schedule A hereto, including
literary rights and copyrights.
2. I authorize the Project to duplicate, edit, publish, including publication on the Internet, or
permit the use of said tape recordings, transcripts, and diskettes and/or CDs in any manner that
the Project considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I may have to acquire to any royalties
from such use.
3. I agree that I will make no use of the interview or the information contained therein except in
compliance with the terms of the Interviewee’s donation instrument and until the oral history is
completeollqithe Project.
• Ali [S :

Mama Tucker Date
Notary Public
My Commission expires
ACCEPTED this 2.4 day of Seefe. , 200
Linda T •Ferren, —ecutive Director T
Women Trailblazers in the Law
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k,Ex , Niarch 51, 2008
Schedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript(s) resulting from six (6) interviews of Judith Winston on the
following date(s);
Month, Date, Year Number of Tapes Page of Transcript
July 27, 2005 2 1-37
September 22, 2005 2 37-56
May 2, 2006 2 57-87
October 26, 2006 2 87-122
November 1, 2006 2 122-172
March 21, 200,6 7 1 172-188
The transcripts of the interviews are contained on one (1) diskettes(s) or CD(s).