Women Trailblazers in the Law
A Project ofthe American Bar Association Senior La\vyers Division
1. Having agreed to conduct a series of oral history intervie\vs with /.o,; J.4, /K-<….. for
Women Trailblazers in the Law, a Project of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division (hereafter the
“Project”), I, f:;1-ff,.vu..r:. ~~,hereby assign, grant and convey to the Project and its successors
and assigns all of my rights, · le, and interest in and to such oral history interviews, including the
recordings, transcripts, computer diskettes, CDs, DVDs and/or videotapes of such interviews, as
described in Schedule A hereto, and copyrights and other literary and intellectual property rights.
2. I authorize the Project, its successors and their licensees to duplicate, edit, publish,
including publication on the Internet, or permit the use of said oral history interviews, recordings,
transcripts, diskettes, COs. DVDs and/or videotapes in any manner that the Project considers
appropriate, and I waive any claims I may have or acquire to any royalties from such use.
3. I authorize the Project, its successors and assigns and their licensees to use my name,
likeness and biographical information to indicate my role in the creation of said oral history,
recordings, transcripts, diskettes, COs, DVDs and/or videotapes.
(Sign ture) (Date)
SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before methis …1,</ day of !.U.ct..~L ,20~J
My Commission expires:
ACCEPTE~ this~ day of ja_ hAA3 , 2(}01Jby
Linda J. Ferren, Pnf(ect Director\V~~en Trailblazers in the Lavv
Schedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript(s) resulting from seven (7) interviews of Lois Schiffer
on the following date( s)
Month, Date, Year
April 13, 2006
October 12, 2006
October 19, 2006
February 29, 2008
November 13, 2008
January 11, 2010
January 11 , 2 0 1 1
Number of Tapes Pages of Transcript
The transcripts of the interviews are contained on diskette(s) or CD(s).