Linda J. Ferren, Project Director
Women Trailblazers in the Law
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Women Trailblazers in the Law
A Project of the American Bar Association Senior Lawyers Division
Oral History of Nancy Duff Campbell
1. In consideration of the recording and preservation of my oral history by Women
Trailblazers in the Law, a Project of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division (hereinafter the
“Project”), I, Nancy Duff Campbell, hereby grant a nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to
the Project and its successors and licensees, to exploit such oral history, as contained in the
transcripts as edited by me and described in Schedule A hereto.
2. I authorize the Project, its successors and assigns and their licensees to duplicate, excerpt,
publish, including publication on the Internet, or permit the use of said oral history and
transcripts in any manner that the Project considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I may
have or acquire to any royalties from such use.
3. I authorize the Project, its successors and assigns and their licensees to use my name,
likeness and biographical information in the forms provided by me to indicate my role in the
creation of said oral history transcripts.
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this day of IV 1) , 201?-.
Notary Public
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Schedule A
Transcript(s) edited by Nancy Duff Campbell resulting from eleven (11) interviews of Nancy
Duff Campbell on the following date(s)
Month, Date, Year Pages of Transcript
First Interview — November 1, 2006 15 pages
Second Interview — December 1, 2006 24 pages
Third Interview — December 21, 2006 21 pages
Fourth Interview — July 11, 2007 25 pages
Fifth Interview — December 7, 2007 15 pages
Sixth Interview — January 4, 2008 15 pages
Seventh Interview — April 4, 2008 14 pages
Eighth Interview — April 25, 2008 14 pages
Ninth Interview — October 31, 2008 18 pages
Tenth Interview — July 10, 2009 22 pages
Eleventh Interview — July 31, 2009 15 pages