l desire to place the tollow1ns restriction• on
this biographical material,
That no use ot any kind whatsoever 1a to be made
of it during my lifetime eave With my written permieeion.
After my death I should like the wishes ot my wite to
control during he:r lite, and atter her death those of
my eon, Dom Thomae Pahy, o.s.:s., St. Anaelm•a Pi-iory,
Wa.ah1ngton, 1). c. Arter hia death there need be no reatrictiona,
except aa he might eatablieh.
That When perm1aa1on baa been obtained thia biographical
material may be read, quoted from and cited
by eer1oua reaearoh acholara accredited tor purposes ot
research by Columbia Un1vere1tyJ and further, 1t must
be read in such place made available tor pUl1)oae ot
research by Columbia University.
‘l’hat no reproduction ot thie material, either in
whole or 1n part, may be made by llloro-photo, typewriter,
photoatat or any other device, except by me, my lfite,
my eon, or with my or their permission.
– i –