– 312 –
the Comm1 Hee papen I am 911.re ven lett w1 th the Detenae Departunt.
1nclud1nc a oop7 of the tranaoript of the hearing•. I also have a cop7 of
the he&rlnp. aD4 other paper• which aaaumlated in .,. OWll offlce. So• of
the el’iUoal oonterenoes vere without U7 reoord..
(Roat of the papen l aoO’U’llla,ed a• Oba.1rllU ha1’e ■tnoe been ••n• to
the l’ruaa Llbl’&1’7. at lllclependeaoe, M11aouri, atler oorrespond.enoe betwea
Pnai.4at fraun and rqaelf.)
Lt. Dual• I>. lel1011, tJ. S.B., wbo va.1 a. tine help to the OolllllU,ee,
ha• wnuen a.a iaten1Un,: ‘book, •The la.tecraUon of the •ecro tato lbe
u. s. lav• – ill wldoh be reters to \be Oolllll Uee. Mr. X.ee Stollol■• in
: ?; h11 ltJrulttm-oqh 011 the Color lroa,• Aon llkewiae. ‘fhe pre•• rel•••• of
the White Sou•• ot May 23, 1980, aDtl letter• ot Pret14eat ‘1’JuaA to •• ot
l’al.7 6, 19s.>, ant September 21, 19,0, about the Ooaad.ttee•a work are
DPDOft.A.!IOlf 01 ‘I’D tJll!’ID S’l’AftS II TD
!he 0.ei•l .A.eaeably of the Untttld ktlon• met in the ‘l1n1 ted. States 111
the tall ot 19″8. !he AaHablT :tad tlr1t ooa·ren.ecl la Lond.oa the pnoff.lng
vtater ant tla4 a4JoU!le4 to lw Yolk ln Ootober. 1he lev Tork ••’ing aooor41ngl.J’
w.1 the aeooa.4 par, of the 11r•t Se111oll et the 0.o.eral ••••’blJ’.
I wen\ to the •••lioa a• &4Yber to the Aaertoan d.e1egat1oa, and aleo became
OU%” r•reaealaUYe on the Sixih (Lecal) Oo•itlff.
!be headprier• ot the delecatlon wei-• then at the Peu.qlftJ>.la ic>’tel,
where 4elegaUon aeeUnc• were he14 almoat dailJ’ ‘before we 11,er1ecl to at­
tend the Aaeellbl7 oomltt••• auboollldttee, or plena1″7 ••••lone. Thctae
– 313 –
eeealone vtn at tbe lapora17 hMd.qu.rt•r• ot the A1■em’bl7 at Lai:• Sucoe••·
Plenar,· ••••1oa• ven uld. a, nuhta, Mea4o,,. •
. A• n4111N4 \7 \he ParliclpaUon Ao\ of 1945 Preticlo, fruu.. war
dale ot lebna.17 5, 194’1. tnnui\ted. ,o Coa«n•• h1• tlret ammal repor\
on the aottntl.•• ot •h• ‘Ualted •uoa• an4 \he paniolpaUoa therela et
\he tJnUe4 State■• !ht.a repor, reT1en tJM work of th11 ee■aion. (Depart-­
men, of Slal• Publication 2735, t7. s. Oo•• t. Printing Otfioe.) the report
liata \he 4elecaUoa •• follow•• •a. Wann I. .lu1Ua, 8-tor fo• OoanallJ,
S..tor •rth\ut I. Yanctenn.ra, Mn. fn.DkU.a D. looHftlt? an4 lepreautatlTe
Sol Jlooa. !here wel’e fOU’ alt•r.u\eat Rer>r••••U•• •-••
lepreteA\aUTe S.len Gabacaa Doucla•, a.a. Jomi Yoater hll••• u4 Boa.
A4lal J. s,nen,oa. !’he repor\ acl4•• ‘tu Deleca.Uon wa• atal•tecl 1A Jew
• York b7 Mr. JenJaala Y. Oohen1 Mr. Obadet fahr’, and. Mr. Johll O. ltoH, aening
a• senior ad’f’itera; ‘b,1 a prillcipal atneer, Mr. Durvard V. Suaifer;
uA ‘b7 a4Ti.ten aad aeslatuts drawn fro• the DepartaeAt of State ud other

acenclea of GoYel’IUHAt. •
M:r •. .Spaak of Belciu •• Prealtea.l ot tbl • AH•bl.1. Pree14ea\ fruaa
acl4r•••e4 the Ae … )l.J- vl\h fl’lle\ cllpl\7. le 1&14, 1th• 4-rtau peopl•
1ook tapea \he 17aUe4 J’aUeht ut u a \apoa17 ezpe4tea\ ‘bu, •• a per-.
JDUeat paruerahlp – a parb.en.blp among the 1:teoJJl•• of the verl4 for their
oo•oa peao• &ad. oomon vell-‘belzic •••• Ma7 God Alalgbtr. in Ile 1at1alte
vhclo• a.n4 •ro1, picle ua and ••’8.la u1 •• ve •Mk to ‘br:lnc p•c• effr­
laatu.g lo the verl4. W1 \h Bl■ help w aball w.coeed. •
‘!’he lofflca ICf.ataten were ••Unc la hv York d•rt•c -pan ot tu
eetllon aac1. each also hea4ec1 hl1 ooutr,•t d.elecation to \he .I.Hd\17,
>7rnea, iden, i14aul\ aJ¥l Moloto..-. Ber• indeed. were the u.Uoa• p,ther-ed

– 314 –
Y1tbl.a u aternaUonal orpaisaUoa tor peace under a Charter binclin, tllu
to ?’ lJlll’PO••· Our Senate had ra’1fied ,he Obianer oTervMl.ld.DC}.7. ‘Phi•
vae a tar or, fro• the da71 ot Wll t0a.
the L-«al Ooaa1\lee ba4 a fairl7 ao’1w ••••ton, vtt.h the t1aite4
S\&tea taking a goocl. deal ot ln1UaU’Ye. We t.n•roduct4 Ntolu.Uona: l.
!o further the pro’ri.siona of ArUcle 13, para. l(a) ot the Obar’9r. \o ••- .
taltliab a oaait\ee of 17 ••’b•n to etud.7 method• ‘b7 wbloh the Gen,nal
Aa .. m’bl.7 ebovld •a0<,Ufll&e the procn••1•• d•••lop•at of 111tena\lonal law
u4 1,, •••hal oo41f1oaUoa. and to report to the 0.aeal A11mlr at 1,.
next replar Hta1on; a. In the uae geaeral area, lo afttn the pl”iaclple•
of hatematlonal law reooplae4 lt7 the 0.1:larter ot the •neerg !rtlnanal
an4 the “2,dpent of the frilranal • ,rt. th direction• to the a’boT• aeaUoaed.
• oom1\tee to tna\ aa a 118.tter of pn•ry b1porta.nce tlplane tor the tonm.lation.
S.n the oon.tu:t of a general codittca.Uon of offeaoea against the
peao• and eeOUJ’i t7 of muklnd, or of an lnterna.Uol1al. Oriatnal Oode, of the
prino1pl•• reoocrdsed” ln the Xunaberg Oharter aad Jadpeat. (3) eaboq-
1DC repl&Uoat tor \lie aepUa\toa of treaUee an4 t•t•n.aalloaal acree•
aeats la aoool’Ulloe with Artlol• 102 of tbe Oar\er. I 1Dt\late4 \he••
n.ltJeo\a but China Jo1a’11 tpOl!lNre4 w1 th the ‘Gld,.. State, the neolu.t1oa
on Oo4if’1cat1on of h\enatlou.1 Lav.

In the .t..pl Oo•1Uee we aatlTel.7 nppor\e4 alao the reeolut101i ooadealng
geoooide •• a oriM ud.er 1atemat1onal lav. fhl1 re1olut1oa ••
\Ul&nlaoual7 ad.opted b7 ,be General Aaaelll>l7 December 11. 1946.
• ••r’7 troubleao• probl•• a1alCU4 to ae beeame nova on the ac•nAa
ot tbe “9nenl Aa1u’bl7 at the •tnataai\ ot ladl11118 h the Vaion of Sou.th

– 315 –
alleged. 4i1ol’latnatory tre11tment of lnclie.n1 reaideht 1n the Union of Sou.th
Africa. fteld •rahall Smuts repreeea’\ed. Sou,h .Africa. A JttritcUotiolllll
problP •• 1n.-oln4i that is, whet.be.r \be question wa1 ••••eaUally Yi thin
the d.Q■eet1o Jurie41oUon• of South Atnoa aZ>4 \heretore, udel” Art. 2.
pan. ?, not eul>Ject to United •i1on11 intenent1021. Goeal Smte vea of
the neY 1\ va.a domeaUe, strongly npported by Slr Bt.rle7 Sbawcro11 of the ,
Unitecl llncdoa; ‘but General Smh was willing to have the queaUon n.bmitt-4
to \he lat•n&Uow Oovt of JuaUce tor an adT1HJ”7 oplllion. for the Ual …
ted State, l wpponed euch a refereaoe. 1. wlll lea•• wt th Uw•• aote1 a
oop7 of r, 1’8\emellt to the Plenary S.1alon oa behalf of the Vrdtecl S’-t••·
I felt the Court p:ro’babl7 vo\114 “1e, 111’… et the history of the
•tter, that l t •• aot ••••nU.Ur clo•••Uo. ‘1’htm Scnith Africa, hannc
coJJaealed to a requ.eet tor auoh u op1nton, would I tbcn:aeht aooept the Jurisd.1ctioa
of the United •uon.a am be under etronc aoral o’bl1gat1o:n to
follow lh reco•endation.e. Jut India 1ensed a Ttctor,- tor oondomatton,
and pr•••ed harcl u4 n.ccenful.17 for it, p1a1ng a two-third• TOte tor a
reaoluUoa offered orlglnall7 b7 1raaoe u4 Mezioo. •n. Pandl I haa4le4
her oa1e w1\h •111, pla,b« for an expree■lon of the doatnaal teaUaea\ ol
the ••ber1b1p again.at raoial 4ltodalnaUon. 1’he ••••.,..•hip ot General
Salta, loold.n& a, 1 t •••• to •• \o a better chance for help to lbe lndiaaiaotull7
nbJeet to the d.ilorlalulor7 tna.laeal, •• aot followed. fhe
probl•• kept ncurr1DC a, each n.b1equen\ •••alon. Aooord.1.ng to 1111 111.form­
aUoa the action of the 1948 &uenl Aaaellbl7 onl.7 1184• U aore 41ff1?t
to reaoh a eoluUon in South Atrloa. 1 OYerheard Geaeal Sn.le guU7 aa,
to Mre. Paadil after ,be <rote, IJov,-, 4auchter, vba, will you dot•
Genenl Saul• himeelf waa not lone to remain 1.11 povel”, bu’ bad ov Tiewa
been followed at that time I feel greater progreae would ha.Te been advanced,

– 316 –
boUt t.a ••tho4 ot proce4ure ud 1n. au.\1tant1•• WQJ• In South Africa, than
‘ , ,
ha• j?ou.r1’114. .b the :report of the Pntlclea, •tat••• p. 13a
: 1flw ‘O’aite4 Slate• DelepUoa klte..a. • . . that, tt tu Oout
,: act,,lttlll Uat an 1ntenat1onal o\11gaUoa uhte4, ,he 0.-ral
· .,..,17 •1114 h Sa a noh •’roacer poliUoa to enrt 1t• latl\tell
ce -,ala■’ tu allegecl 41torlld.aa’1on ta South J.trioa; ad
__ ,, •• daoe So•th Ul’loa que•Uoned the Jurt.ld.loUon of Ula
11ute4 l’aUon• and was vllling to ba’f’e the •Her 1ubattte4 to
\he o?,. 1 t wa• eaU tled. to that oonetderaUoa. • • • Uter
a dn.a,10 «•bat•, the Geneal ••••bl7 reJected th1• ‘f’iev •
• • •
the fre114•t aoat••• • •• altematl’f’t npnaeataUft ot VMt Valtti4
Su.t•• \c tu 194’1 •••toa o t the Geunl A1uabl7 • thoqh 1 hl4 let\ tu
,<Jo,.•n.aent Hnioe la -,u,, \o re–. pli.ftte praouoe. MJ’- au..t.or ••••
tat••• laator Da11beT u4 Kr. luta.1 Poole. ven v1111ng, ae •• .,
aatociate Phil Leq, \hoqh 1t …. , ‘°”9one11e11t tor about ho a:uitha f>f
actu.&117 bqt.uln.g pra.oUce.
‘1’he alternaU•• repnaeatat1••• aha.ft the vorilc “1th \Ile NpNfflL\aUN,
♦• -_lb. c1.icauo-. •• ••’ forth t.a ”- lepon 1>7 the Pnat.4.a\ -.. \!lit
Co111M••• to? tu 7eu 1147, l)epar-.at of Stat• h\ltoa,toa a>K, 4Mcnbea
ti. ul..,.Uea •• tollo.-, •!be honW.1’f ot fta\e, horc• O. •ni.u,
••n• •• Obalraa of lbt Del•ca”-•• an4 ia Ida a’beac• lfanu a. ••’1•
pnl14e4 •• halor ..,nHAlat1••• ‘-7, tc,ce\laer ‘4th Ber•? ‘• J’obuoa.
lb-1. huklla ». -. …. 1,, aJl4 Joa 1os\er Dall••• ot lew ten. ooaaUwtei
\he .lepreta\atiT•• oa ,he Deleptloa. fh. Alternate BepreaeataU••• we:re
Charle• fa)v’, to,uit lfcal Adnaer et \1/ut l>llpal’taeat of State; ftllar4 J..
!hol’J>, Aatiatant Secretar., of State for ecoaoalo affair•; l’RAOla J. la,pe;
Wal I. S\eTasoa, ot lllinota; and Ma.,or John. B. lllld.rlng, toner