The Reminiscences of
Oral History Research Office
Columbia University

Charles Fahy
This biographical material grew out of a letter to me from
Mro Allan Nevins of Columbia Univer?ity, 6 May 1953, attached
heretoo Over a pC;;riod of time Dro Phillips came and recorded
the interviewso From the recordings typewritten transcripts
were sent to me. The se have been edited, revised and enlarged
somewhat by me, so that they now take the form and content here •·
giveno But the original recordings gave character generally to
what has resulted. It iti.11 be s een that the contents are largely
factual rather than reflective, are too personal, display little
if any literary style, are not well proportioned to the importance
of the subjects and person s mentioned, and do not contain enough
about the times during which the events occUITed •
– -ii –

in the City of New York
[New York 27, New York]
Oral History Research Office
104 Butler Library
Judge Charles Fahy
United States Court of Appeals
Washington, D. C.
My dear Judge Fahy:
6 May 1953
This university is attempting to interview, more
or less systematically, a number of men who have played
important parts in the history of the American nation,
to record their reminiscences, and to file this mater+al
away for the use of historians. In the field of the
nation’s legal history Judge Learned Hand, Mr? Justice ?
Robert H. Jackson, Mr. Telford Taylor, Mr. Sidney S.
Alderman, Mr. Chester T. Lane, Mr. Thomas I. Emerson, –
and the late Henry L. Stimson and others have contributed
and the results have been highly.·pr6fitable .
If you would consent to a, 7 ow Mr. Harlan B. Phillips
to call upon you at your convenience, your memoirs would
make a very important addition to the work we are doing.
Our method is to hold a series of interviews with you,
talce down your reminiscences on a tape-recorder, and
transcribe this record into a manuscript. The entire
manuscript is returned to you at the completion of the
interviews for your corrections and additions, and then
it will be filed fn the Special Collections Department of
Columbia University Library, subject to whatever restrictions
as to use by properly accredited and serious research
scholars you may wish to impose.
Mr. Phillips plans to be in Washington the week of
May 11th to continue with interviews with Mr. Sidney S.
Alderman and Mr. Gordon Dean. He would be glad to call,
as far as possible, at such hour and such place as is
most convenient to yo?.
– iii –