. -.,,1
The house in Rome and the present Store Building were
not both built in 1893. The Store was built in
1895. I think 1893 is correct for the home. (p. 2)
The priest whose discourses had primary responsibility
as far as we know for Mother’s conversion was
not a Dominican but a Redemptorist – Bishop ( ?-) Gross.
And the discourses were at the Opera House.
I say that Philip Levy was then with Senator Wagner.
This I think is a mistake. He was on the old Board
staff and in that capacity assisted Senator Wagner.
He remained with the new Board as a valuable lawyer,
later, however, going with the Senator. (p. 90)
At p. 93 “Reed” should be substituted for “Jackson” as
Solicitor General •
At p. 305 the meeting there referred to is mistakenly
placed in September. It was December 27, 1949.
The name “Armstrong” at p. 302 and p. 306 should be “Major
Fowler”. In the Index the reference to “Armstrong”
at those pages should also be “Fowler” •
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