Interviewee Form 1
erviewee Oral ustom Aareemeng
1. In consideration of the recording and preservation of
my oral history memoir by the Historical Society of the District
of Columbia Circuit, Washington, D.C., and its employees and
agents (hereinafter “the Society”), I, TmCS L. ‘B~&w
except as otherwise provided herein, do hereby grant andk’onvey ‘
to the Society and its successors and assigns all of my rights,
title, and interest in the tape recordings and transcripts of
interviews of me as described in Schedule A hereto, including
literary rights and copyrights.
transcripts are subject to the same restrictions, herein
and their content as a resource for any book, pamphlet, article
or other writing of which I am an author or co-author.
contained herein, to duplicate, edit, publish, or permit the use
of said tape recordings and transcripts in any manner that the
Society considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I may have
or acquire to any royalties from such use.
All copies of the tapes and
2. I reserve the right to use the tapes and transcripts
3. I authorize the Society, subject to any exceptions
before me this
My Commission expires L
ACCEPTED this 3M< day”of 1.32 04-
Gribbon, President of the Historical Society of the District of
Columbia Circuit. 4
, 19ykby Daniel M.
Li &dL(Ly
Daniel M. Gribbon
Schedule A
Tape recording(s) and transcript resulting from 5
(number )
interviews of James L. Bucklev on the following
dates :
August 14, 1995 2 tapes 36 pages
September 7, 1995 2 tapes 41 pages
October 30, 1995 2 tapes 33 pages
November 29, 1995 2 tapes 44 pages
January 15, 1996 2 tapes 28 pages
The transcripts of the six interviews are contained on one