, Judze Reg@e R. Walton Judge Reggie B. Walton Pag 1 of 3 Chambers: (202) 354-3290 Courtroom Deputy: Mattie Poweil-Taylor (202) 351-31 83 Court iieporter: ?hyllis Msrana (202) 354-3243 Click Here to oo to Judge \V?iron’s Court 1YebG3nl. Judge kggie B. Walton assumed his posi-iion as a United States District Judge for the District of Columbia on October 23, 2001, after being nominared to the position by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the United Ststes Senaie. Judge Waiton WES ELSO appointed by Prtsidont Bksh in June of 2004 to serve as the Chairprrson of the National ?rison Rape ReduCIiDn Commission, a two-yssr commission crsated by the United States Congress thaL is tasked wirh the mission of ideptifying methoas to curb tne incidents of prison rape. Former Chief Jusricc Rehnquist appointed Judge Waitoi to th2 federal judicis# Criminal Law Committet, effective Octobtr 1, 2005. Judge Walron previousiy sewed 2s an Associare Judge of Lh-. Superior Court of the Districi of Columbia from 1381 to 1983 snd 1991 to 2001, having been appointed to rhat pwirion by Presidenrj 2onald hagan in 1981 and George H. W. 3ush in 1931. While serving on the Superior Court, Judge Walton ws the toUrt’j Presiding Judge of the Family Divisio7, ?residing Judge of the Dmesric Violince Unit and Deputy Przsidinz Judge of ths Crirninil Dikjsion. &tween 7959 and 1331, Judge \Yalton served aj President Gtorge H. W. 3ush’s Associate Diroctor of the Offie of National Drus Control Policy in The Executive Office of rhe ?residtnt and 2s Prestdent Sush’s Senior Wnite House Advisor for Crime. Before his appointment to the Superior CDurt bench in 1981, Judge Walton serv2.d 2s the Executive Assistsnt United States Attorney in the Office of the United States Attorney in Wxhington, D.C., from June, 1480 to July, 1981, and he was an Assistant United States Attorney in that Office from March, 1976 to June, 1980. From June, 1979 to June, 1950, Judge Walton was also the Chief of the CEiser Criminal Unit in the United States Attorney’s Office. Before joining the United States Attorney’s Office, Judge VIialton was 3 staff attorney in the Deftnder Association of Philadelphia iron August, 1973 to Februay, 1976, Judge Walton was born in Donora, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1949. He recsived his Bachelor of ArIs deyee from West Virginia State College in 1971 and received his Juris DDCtOratt degree from Tht American University, Washington College of Law, in 1974. Judge Walton has been thz recipient of numerous honors and awards, including his inclusion in the 2001 edition of Tne Marquis Who’s Who in America, the 2000 edition of The Marquis Who’s’ Who in the World, the 2000 North Star Award, presented by The American University, Washington Cokge of Law; th2 1999 Distinguished Alumni Award presented by The American University, Washington College of Law; the 1997 tionorable Robert A. Shuktr Memorial Award, presented by the Assistant United States Attwneys’ Association; the 1993 William H, Hastie Award, presented by the Judicial Council of the National 3ar Association; the 1990 County Spotlight Award, prssented by the National b.ssociation ~i Counties; thz 1990 James R. ‘daddy fheiltorious Servict Award, presented by the \’\lest Virginia State Collige National Alumni Association; the Secretzry’s Award, presented by the Depxtment of Vsterans Affairs in 7990; tk 1989 H. Carl Moultrie Award, presented by the District of Columbia Branch of the ktionai Association for the Advancment of Colored F’eople; the 3ar Association of the Eistrict of Columbia’s Young Lai+vy?rj Sxtion 1989 Award for Distinguished Servici to thz Cornmunity and tne Nation; the 1969 Dtan’j Award for Ciistinpished Sfrvict to I he American Llnivrrsity, \YEshinzton Collezt of Law; and the UniLed States Dipartment of Justice’s Directors Award for Supirior Performance as an Assistant U;lited Stat25 Attorney in 1980. In addition, April 9, 1991, ‘\vas declar=.d ‘as Judze Ztggie 3. M’alton Day in the State of Locrisiana by the Governor for his contribution to th2 War on Drugs. J.uOge Waiton was also commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Wzllace G. \’iiLkinsm in 1990 and 1991, which is the highest civilian honor awarded by tht stat? Df Kentucky. Numerous mayors in cities throughout the country have bestowed similar honors on Judge Walton. – Judge \Yalton was one of 14 judges profiled in a 1994 book entitied ‘Black Judges On Justice: Perspectives From Tht Sench,” The book is the first effort to assess the judical perspectives of prominent African-Ame.rican judges in The United States. Judgt Walton traveled to Irkutsk, ?.usria in May criminal law subjects in a program funded by the United States Department of Justice and the Amtrican Bar Asjocizlion’s Centr2.l and East 1996 to provide instruction to Russian judg, “5 on Judge Reggk €3. Tsv’alton Judge Walton and his wift ut the parents of one daughter. rage 3 01 3 European Law Initiative Reform Projtct. Judze Welton is also an instructor in tht Harvard University Law School’s Advocacy Workshop and a faculty mtnber at the blational Judicial Colltgt in Reno, Nevada. Judge Walton has been active in working with the youth of the Washington, D.C. area and throughout the nation. iit has served as a Big Brother and frequsntly sp2aks at schools throughout the Washington hktropolitan area conctrning drugs, crime and pmonal responsibiljty. c-3 Bio for Harold L. Talisman Harold Talisman was born on May 11 , 1928 in Akron, Ohio. He recsived BSBA and JD degrees from The Ohio State University in 1950 and 1953, respectively. He was a member of the Board of Editors of the Ohio State Law Review. Mr. Talismsln senred as an officer in the United States Navy froin 1951-1956. Mi. Talisman has practiced law in Washington, D.C. since 1956. He is a founder of the law firm of Wright & Talisman, P.C. HIS practice concentrzted on ma~ers before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and its predecessor, the Federal PoTver Commission. He has represented clients before those agencies, several United States Cows of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the Unikd States. hh. Talisman is a member of the District of Columbia Bar, the BZI of rhe Supreme Court of the United States and several U.S. Courts of Appeals. Mr. Talisman rctired in 1997 and serves as Of Counsel to Wright & Talisman, P.C. He has served as President and as a member of the Board of Directors of St. h4ary’s Court Housing Development Corporation, a subsihed housing facility for low income elderly and disabled persons. c-5