Aubrey E. Robinson, Jr. Bi ographical Summary as of _No__ v _ em_b_e_r ______ , 1993 Full Name Aubrey Eugene Robins on, Jr. Address 2780 Unic orn Lane, N.W., Washingt on, D.C. 20015 Teleph one: Office 202-273-0470 H ome 202-363-2970 Date and Place of Birth Madis on, New Jersey (M arch 30, 1922) Parents: Father Aubrey E. R obins on B orn Harrisburg, P A. Moth er Mable J. R obins on B orn __ H_ar__ r _ i _ s _ b_ u_ r _g_,_P_A . ________ _ Primary and Secondary Education _ _…k�1a�d�i�·�s�n� o H���g�h�S�c�h�o�o�l=——- Higher Educati on AB. Carnell university; LLB Corn ell Law School Pos iti ons Held united states District Judge — 1966 t o present Military Service U.S. Army (1943-1947) Other Government Service Associate Judge, Juvenile Court, District of Colu mbi a Civic and C ommunity Activities See attachm ent A Honors and Awards See attachment B Spouse: Doris A. Robins on Children: Paula Elaine Collins, Sheryl Louise Robins on and Jacqu eline Washingt on Publications ___ s e__ e _ at_t_ a__ c_ h m__ e _ n_tc __________________ _ vi AHACBKBN”l’ A CIVIC AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Board of Directors, Family and Child Services of Washington, D. C., 1954-63; Board of Directors, Family Service Association of America, 1958-67; Board of Directors, Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, 1969-85; American Bar Association Committee on Judges Function, 1970-72; Judicial Conference Ad Hoc Committee on Court Facilities and Design, 1971-78; Chairman, National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, 1973-74; member of the Judicial Conference Committee on the Administration of the Criminal Law, 1976-78. Adjunct Professor, Washington College of Law, American University, 1975-84; member of the Board of the Federal Judicial Center, 1982- 82. Member of the Board of Trustees, Cornell University and as a Cornell Trustee served on the Development, Board Membership and Academic Affairs Committees. Member of the Minority Education Ad Hoc Committee 1983-84; and Advisory Council for Cornell Law School from 1976-83. vii ATTACHKBNT B HONORS ANO AWARDS June of 1986 — Chief Judge Robinson was awarded the Cornell Law School Distinguished Alumnus Award. October 23, 1987 — Chief Judge Robinson was the recipient of an Honorary Law Degree from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. May 6, 1989 — Chief Judge Robinson was awarded the Charles Hamilton Houston Medallion of Merit by the Washington Bar Association. December 1, 1990 — Chief Judge Robinson was awarded the 1990 Judicial Honoree Award by The Bar Association of the District of Columbia. July 12, 1991 United States Merit Systems Protection Board Certificate in Recognition and Appreciation of the Presentation on The Art of Judicial Decision-Making at the Third National Administrative Judges’Conference, July 8-12, 1991. viii ATTACHMENT C PUBLISHED WORltS Remarks, 105 F.R.D. 263 Remarks, 100 F.R.D. 115 A Discussion of the Problems of the Bar and Bench Report and Tentative Recommendations of the Committee to Consider Standards for Admission to Practice in the Federal Courts, 85 F.R.D. 208 ix