EMPLOYMENT CORNISH F. HITCHCOCK ATTORNEY AT LAW I I 00 I 7TH STREET, N.W., I 0TH FLOOR WASHINGTON,, D.C. 20036-4601 (202) 974-51 I I • FAX: 331 -9680 EMAIL: CONH@mANSACT.ORG Law Offices of Cornish F. Hitchcock, Washington, D.C. (1998- ) Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group (1981-98). Attorney (1977-79) and Director (1979-81), Aviation Consumer Action Project. EDUCATION Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1975}. The University of Chicago (B.A., history, 1972). PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES District of Columbia Bar: Board of Governors (1990-93); Treasurer (1989-90); Co-chair, Section on Courts, Lawyers and the Administration ofJustice (1987-89). Member, American Law Institute (2001- ). Member, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit’s Committee on Admissions and Grievances (2002- ). Mediator, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (1990- ). Federal Bar Association: Chair, Consumer Transportation Committee and predecessor committee (1983-88, 1992-93). OTHER ACTIVITIES Member, National Academy of Sciences’ Committee for a Study of Competition in the U.S. Airline Industry, which was created by Congress and issued a n�port and recommendations in 1999. Member, Defense Science Board Antitrust Task Force, which prepared a report advising Department of Defense on antitrust and merger issues affecting the defense industry in 1994. Member, National Academy of Sciences’ Committee to Study Air Passenger Service and Safety Since Deregulation, which published a report on these topics in 1991. Member, Regulatory Negotiation Advisory Committee, established by the Federal Aviation Administration as the first effort to draft a proposed rule by negotiated rulemaking. PUBLICATIONS Author of chapters on confidentiality of business records and the Privacy Act in GUIDEBOOK TO THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PRIVACY ACTS (2d ed.)(West Group); published articles in law reviews and legal periodicals such as Legal Times and National Law Journal, as well as op-ed articles in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other publications. – viii –