The Honorable Harold H. Greene
Biographical Summary
as of December 22, 1993
Full Name _ .H-ar..,,o .. )d…..,H … ..,Q .. ciee””owe. ___________ ________ _
Address ____________________________ _
Telephone: Office______ Home _____ _
Date and Place of Birth 2/6/23 Frankfun Germany
father Irvinfl Greene
Born Warsaw, Poland
Mother Edith Greene
Born Bad Schonfliess. Germany
Primary and Secondary Education Elementary and Hjgh School Stettjn. Gennany
Higher Education G.W. Universjty. G,W. Onjversity Law School
Positions Held Chjef Judi:e, D c, Superior Court, I 966-I 978
Military Service J/,S, Anny )944-1947
Other Government Service US Department ofJustjce. !953-1965
Civic and Community Activities __________________ ____ _
Honors and Awards Honorary Doctor of Laws, George Washington Unjyersjty, Bridgeport
llnjyersity : Runner-up Ii roe Man of the Year: numerous Bar Ass n. awards; etc.
Spouse Evelyn Greene
Children Michael P, Gr eene [McLean, VA} Stephanie Greene (Los An2eles CA}
Publications Many Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Briefs. Articles on court
oci:anjzatjon sentencing, civil cil?bls, civil libenies. etc