Interviewer of Judge Harold Greene
Biographical Summary
as of March 16, 1994
Full Nl!llle __ -“D?al.:!v:..,ii,.ed!-EE<lP!>S!..!t:..5e:2is!.n!….. ________________ _
Address _________________ ??????——
Telephone: Office:_???-=-?-?-?—Home
_________ _
Date and Place of Birth_ _…..,. Ju….,n? e,,19……… . 1?9?3?s,.,,?s?an?’-‘–‘A?n?t?o,…..?n10,,,. Te? x? ,, _a,. s? _
Father_-“‘J?e?r?o?m?e-“E?p?s?t?e?i?n,_ __ Born __? l?9?0?4_ _______
Mother Sara Furman Epstein Born_ _? l?9?0?9 ________
Primary and Secondary Education San Antonio. Texas. Thomas
Jefferson H.S., 1953
Higher Education Har vard University (A.B., 1957; J.D •• l960l
Positions Held _________________________ _
Military service Officer. u.s. Coast Guard IReservel. 1960-61
Other Government Service Assistant United States Atatorney for
the District of Columbia 11962-66)
Civic and community Activities_?P?i?s?tr? i? ?c?t?of? –‘” C?ol==um?b?i?a.,Ba? ?r?,—va
Hono rs and Awards Interviewer. oral History Project. The
Historical society of the District of Columbia Circuit.
spouse _.. E.l.l?e?n..,R?o?bi? ?ns? ?o?nL…!,E?ps? t? ?e?iinll._ ______________
Children __ -“‘J?e?r?e?muY?•-E.Abs?h?e?r?,..,,B?a?r?a? c?ku•-“D?iilln? a ?…K?i?r?a, ________ _
PUblications_ _.. F?o?r?r?es? Lti …..,an? d? ‘-“EuP?st? e? i? n? ?,-•?T?h?e’–“Ne? ?w….P?l?an? ….fo??r?—Furnishing
Defense Counsel in the District of Columbia,” 37 o.c.
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Courthouse: P lanning and Design for the Judicial Process.• 62
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1 7.