Thursday, Nov. 30, 1967
‘w?’ l,? • R , .
..• a new judge and cJ1anges in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.
Doar Leaves Rights Division,
Pollal{ Nan1ed as Successor
? boar, a Repuolican who will
l?ollak, 39, is a graduate of1
Washington PosL stall writer be 46 on Sunday, made a mark artmouth College and Yale
The White House announcec with.in the Justice Department Law Sc?ool. He has served in
for his painstaking methods of the So licitor G_eneral’s office
[ yesterday that ,John Doar ha gathering and selecting evi• and, /Her !1elp’.ng draft antiresigned
as chief of the Jus-, deuce for lawsuits and legisla- ?ove ?Y leg1slat1o n, as Deputy
lice Department’s Civil Rights tion to open up public accom- f
c?eial C?unsel of the Office
Divisio n. Nominated lo re modations and votirlg booths O conomic Opportunity.
place him was Stephen J. Pol to Negroes. ; He wo11 praise for the sue- 1 He took an assignment as
lak, former presidential advis- cessful prosecution \>? the kill- Mr. Johnson’s District affairs’
er on national capital affairs. ers of Viola Liuzzo in the aft- adviser with the avowed pur·’
President Johnson also nom, ermath of the 1965 Selma-lo- pose oL worlting himself ul of
I inaled Clyde O. Martz of Bout- Montgomery march and the . .
der, Colo ., as Assistant Attor- killers of three civil rights ia _.iob, a putpo?e he accomney
General in charge of the workers in Mississippi. · plished by stecrmg lhe Prcs1.Department’s
Lands Division Occasional criticfsm from dent ‘s District Government reand
named three new Federal civil rights groups and fre- organization plan through
judges, including Washington I quent criticism from Deep I Congress. ‘!he President fo r atlorncy
Gerhard A. Gesell, South politicians had little ef- mally abo llshed the post in
or the District COtll’t here. I feet on Doar. Aides said his I
Septembe1· and named Pollak
Doar, a frequent o n-the•
po sition to pate1:nalism Jed as a special assistant to Attorscene
t1’0ubleshooter in racial oar to 1•es(sb deip.ands for ncy General ?amsey Cla1•k.
conflicts during mo re than
ore voting registrars in areas I _Ge?ell, the nominee for the
seven years of Federal civil vh,ere Negroes had not Distnct Court here, is a senior
rights wo1•k, is leaving at the aunched vigorous get,out-the• partner in the Covington &
end o f th,e yea1: for a private ote drives. I 13 .1. 1 . . law practice . lll mg aw furn and has
I School Desegregation I spearheaded roeent drives Ior
No ?ha?ge Expectecl I
AJ?pearlng in court to argue co urt 11eform. A forceful cou1t-
His departure is no t expect- 1,
ead 1 n!j( nghts c_ase?,. Doar room advocate, Gesell was one
ed to bring a shift in Govel’ll· campaigned for Jud1?1al ?n- of a small group oL lawyers to
1ment civil rights po licy. P ol- forcement of Adn?omstra?1on be.serio usly considered for Solak,
who served as Doar’s first s?hool desegregation gu1 ?e- 1Ic1Lor General after Thurgoo

assistant in 1965 and 1966, is Imes. He told the 5th U.S. Cir- Marshall was elevated to the
known to shane Doar’s pre fer- cmt Court o f’ Appeals, “The Suprem e Court.
ence for quiet but vigorous en- Federal_ Gove_rnment wants Other nominations included
foi;ceroent of Federal law. not white scl?ools, n?t schoo_ls Harry Prege1:son of Woodland
for Ne?:·o children, Just plamlHills,_ Calif., to a new judge.
sch ools. ship m the Central District of
California, and Wins’to11 E .
. r!’ow for a newly created po-
1t1on on the District Court
o r Northern Fl orida.