Ms. Linda J. Ferren Executive Director HistoricaJ Society of tbe District of Columbia Room 4726 August 29, 2012 E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001-2866 Dear Ms. Ferren: 1 have talked with Precious Boone about my intentions for the disposition of my oral history in the event I should die or become incapacitated before its completion. The purpose of lhis letter is lo confirm my intention that, at the time of my death or incapacitation, my complete oral history, or as much of my oral history as has been completed, along with the related materials, is to be donated to the Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit. I hereby request and authorize Ms. Boone to provide to the Historical Society at such time the tape recordings, djgital recordings, transcripts, computer diskettes, and DVDs (including editoriaJ changes which I ask Ms. Boone to make to correct typographical errors, misspellings, incorrect names, etc.), and other tangible embodiments of the interviews of me conducted under the auspices of the Society’s Oral History Project. I hereby authorize the Society to publish, reproduce, distribute, perform and otherwise use any portion of my oral history in any place and in any medium, including on its Website, except to the extent I have, during our recorded interviews, indicated that public access to some portion of an interview should be restricted in some manner. Ifl make such a request, I expect it to be honored by tbe Society. I also authorize the Society and its sublicensees to use my name, likeness and biographical information to indicate the availability of my oral history. Should any question arise relating to the donation of my oraJ history to the Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit or public access to it, I authorize the Society and my executor, heirs, or representative to resolve such matter in a reasonable manner in light of, and consistent with, my intentions expressed above. Sincerely, ThomasS��, cc. Precious Boone