Historical society or the t!strict or Columbia cir cuit
Interviewer oral Hi?torv Aareemeot
1. Having agreed to conduct an oral history fnterview .,.ith Judge George MacKinnon tor the Historical Society of the
District ot ColUllbia circuit, Washington, o.c., I, Michael P .
. Socarras , do hereby grant and convey to the
?ociety and its successors and assigns, all of my right, title, and interest in the tape recordings and transcripts of
interviews, aa described in Schedule A hereto, including literary
rights and copyrighta.
2. I authorize the Society, to duplicate, edit, publish,
or permit the use of said tape recordings and transcripts in any
manner that th• society considers appropriate, and I waive any
claims I may have or acquire to any royalties tr?m such use.
3. I agree that I will make no use ot the interview or the
information contained therein until it is concluded and edited,
and that I will then use such inf?rmation only if and to the
extent permitted ty the Society,
Dec. 11-, 1995
SWORN TO ANO SUBSCRIBED betore·me thia /rday ot
h’ .r-: rv ,rv f,,.:.?,I lllll,i ,’) . j /}.i ./.• /./ /’.· .
. I .XJ’ , ·—_,,,cl 17 /J• ,1, -<‘°’, lj/ · Wandal:SRi?f ry Public
Notary Pu blic, Oislricl of Columbia
Hy commission expires My Commission Expires July 14, 2000
, ,
/ .. _’ /
thia 19/il: day ot AA? , 19 9:( by Daniel M.
President of the Historical Society of the District of
Daniel H, Gribben