Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit Agreement 1. In consideration of the recording and preservation of my oral history memoir by the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit, Washington, D.C., its employees and agents ( hereinafter “the Society 11 ) I, _E_ a_r__l S_i_lb_e_r_t ___________ _ do hereby grant and convey to the Society, its successors and assigns; the ownership of the tape recordings and transcripts of interviews of me as described in Schedule A hereto, except as otherwise provided herein. I also grant and convey to the Society all right, title, and interest I might have in such tapes, transcripts and their content, including literary rights and copyrights. All copies of the tapes and transcripts are subject to the same restrictions. 2. I have not previously conveyed, assigned, encumbered or impaired my rights and interest in the tapes, transcripts and their content referred to above, except as may appear in prior works of mine. 3. It is agreed that access to the aforementioned tape recordings and transcripts shall be preserved and made available in accordance with the direction and control of the Society and subject to terms to be set by the Society. I authorize the Society, subject to the above and to any exceptions contained herei�, to duplicate, edit, publish, or permit the use of said tape recordings and transcripts in any manner that the Society considers appropriate, and I waive my claim to any royalties from such use. 4. I reserve the right to use the tapes and transcripts and their content as a resource for any book, pamphlet, article or other writing of which I am an author or co-author. Date: Date: c.13- i1t� �� :0-\�- President Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit District of Columbia, ss. On this 4th day of February, 1994, before me, Gayl Ziegler, the undersigned officer, personally appeared Earl J. Silbert, known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged that he executed the same for the purposes therein contained. In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal. 1t”‘�R /: GAYL Lu.,L:: . /� NOTAPY PUBLIC. O!ST�:cT �f co��iig,.� �. �’.’.lr.:,ss·�� Ei�·,e, 1:.1; 1: :;�5 ii f, �l”-“–“”!—r.-��–=p=- u -=- b • 1–:-i – c ____ _ Schedule A Tape recording(s) and transcript resulting from interviews conducted by on the following dates: William F. Causey February 29 and March 7, 1992 iii 2