Historical SQCiety of the District of Columbia Circuit Oral Hisqy . Aam@ment of Alan � –� . . . S. . . Rosenthal Historical 1. In-oonsiderationoftbe Society of the Distnctof,Cobp�Citcuit, �.and�Qf my_� hlstoty … mrby the agents� w.� 1>.� and its employees and “the.Society”), I, .Alan S .. Rosenibal, do hereby giant and� to the transcripts, Society-1 computer� its successqrs and assigns all of my rights, tit1p, and interest in-� recordings, and DVDs of the interviews ofJJle as 4,escri1Jed in Schedule A . hereto, computer mcludblg disbttes �nghm an4 copyrlghm. All copies. oftbe � tnioscripts, ind DVDs are subject tt> the same mstrlcti.d herehi_provided. recontings, transcripts, COD1pUter 2. I also reser\1e for myself and to the executor diskettes of iny estate the right to-, the and. DVDs and their content as aresmJQe for any book, pamphlet, article .or o1her writing of which I or my executor may be 1he author or coauthor. . and permit 3. I the authorize use of siid 1ape recordings, digital recordings, transcripts, computer the Society to duplicate, edit, publish, including publication OJi, the intemet,. dislcetes and DVDs in any manner that the Sociefy considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I may have or acquire_ to � royalties from such use. ———— @ta� _9. �hJ- —-q lttt (2. ()lL Alan s. Rosenthal Date metbis ;l_ My Commission e,qm, oJ dO ‘1 . l I ACCEPTED this� day of Oc-f-0&&\ 201.b by Stephen J. Pollak, President of the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit. �� . ��J.PoDak iii ScheduleA Tape recordings, digital recordings, transcripts, computer diskettes, and DVDs resulting from nine interviews of Alan S. Rosenthal on the following dates: Interview No. and Date Number of Tapes or DVDs Interview No. 1, March 3, 2011 Interview No. 2, March 21, 2011 Interview No. 3, April 20, 2011 Interview No. 4, May 9, 2011 Interview No. 5, May 23, 2011 Interview No. 6, June 6, 2011 Interview No. 7 A, 7B, June 20, 2011 Interview No. 8, July 18,2011 Interview No. 9, July 25, 2011 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Voice recordings of the nine interviews are also on one DVD. Pages of Final Transcript 1-28 29-62 63-92 93-121 122-150 151-176 177-205 206-235 236-269 Also included in Alan Rosenthal’s oral history is a two-page Epitaph, written by Alan Rosenthal, dated May 2012. The voice recordings of interviews 1 through 9 are transcribed on a single DVD. IV