Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit
1. In consideration of the recording and preservation
of the oral history memoir, prepared by Michael P. Socarras and
George E. MacKinnon, by the Historical Society of the District of
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E. MacKinnon on February 18,. 1994. I also grant and convey to the
Society all right, title, and interest I or he might have in such
tapes, transcripts and their content, including literary rights
saunbdj ecoctp yrtoi ghtthes . sAamlel rceosptireisc toifo ntsh.e tapes and transcripts are
2. I have not previously conveyed, assigned, encumbered
or impaired my rights and interest in the tapes, transcripts and
their content referred to above.
3. It is agreed that access to the aforementioned tape
recordings and transcripts shall be in accordance with the
direction and control of the Society and subject to terms to be
set by the Society. I authorize the Society, subject to the above paundb ltios h,a noy re xpceerpmtiit otnsh ec ounstea ionf e.dsa ihde rteianp,e rteoc odrudpliincgast ea,n de dit,
transcripts in any manner that the Society considers appropriate,
and I waive my claim to any royalties from such use.
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me this? day of .
My Commission expires
{kMtff? <L/2t1t7r:? ?
ACCEPTED this ztx… day of M? , Gribben, President of the Historical Society19 9okf t, heby DiDastnriieclt M.o f
Columbia Circuit.
Daniel M. Gribbon