Interviewer Form Historical Societv of the District of Columbia circuit Interviewer Oral History Aureement L Having agreed to conduct an oral history interview with l.CLh. l(Q,\Drq for the Historical District of Col$mbia Circuit, Washington, D.C., I, Society and its successors and assigns, all of my right, title, and interest in the tape recordings and transcripts of interviews, as described in Schedule A hereto, including literary rights and copyrights. or permit the use of said tape recordings and transcripts in any manner that the Society considers appropriate, and I waive any claims I may have or acquire to any royalties from such use. , do hereby grant and co 2. I authorize the Society, to duplicate, edit, publish, 3. I agree that I will make no use of the interview or the information contained therein until it is concluded and edited, or until I receive permission from the Society. signawe of Interviewer Date -4 – day of MY COMMISSION EXPIRES ON APRIL 30,1997, MY commission expires ACCEPTED this 10 * day of 3- , l9p by Daniel M. Gribbon, President of the His rical Socie y of the District of Columbia Circuit. Daniel M. Gribbon -iv- Schedule A Tape recording (s) and transcript resulting from three (number) interviews Of 3. Roqer Wollenbera, Esa. on the following dates:L/ (Interviewee) December 13, 1995: 2 tapes, 25 transcript pages February 8, 1996: 2 tapes, 14 transcript pages March 21, 1996: 1 tape, 7 transcript pages 1/ Identify specifically for each interview, the date thereof and (1) the number of tapes being conveyed, and (2) the number of pages of the transcript of that interview. -V-