In-ievar Forr
1. Having agreed to condwt an oral history interview with
for tho Bistorioal Society of the
District oL Columbia Circuit, daahhgta, D.C., I,
Society and i tu *wessore and assignst all of my right, title,
and interest in the tape recordings and transcripts of
intervieua, 80 describeb in Schedule A hereto, lncfudlng literary rights and copyright^.
or pernit the use of said tape recordinga and transctipts in my
manner that the Society considers appropriate, and I waive any
claims I my have or acquire to any royalties iron suah use.
information contabed therein until it is concluded and edited,
or until I teaeive ptrmieoion from the societfi
tloward c. Westwood
Willie J. Gold8 th do hueby grant and convey to the
3. 1 authorize the Society, to duplicate, edit, publish,
3. I agrea that I will make no use of the interview or the
ACCEPTED tair A st day at 4.’: , uL~ by miel X.
Gribbon, President of the Eist
Columbia circuit.
fa1 souiety of the District of
January 21, 1992 – page8 1 through 43 of transcript
January 31t 1992 – pages 43 through 108 of transcript
April 17/ 1992 – pages 108 through 129 of tranecript
Six (6) microcassettes (undated)
and (1) the n-r of tapes being Conveyed, and (2) the number of
pages of the trwipt of that interview.
Idenkify speoifieally for each htuview, the date thereof