Historical Societv of the District of Columbia Circuit
1. In consideration of the preservation of the Narrative
Prepared by the late Judge Gerhard A. Gesell and tapes of the
December 27, 1991 interview by the Historical Society of District of Columbia Circuit, Washington, D.C. (hereinafttehr e “the
Society”) on which the Narrative was based (hereinafter “the
materials”}, the undersigned, as both executor and a residuary
beneficiary of the estate of the late Gerhard A. Gesell, does
her?by grant and convey to the Society, its successors and assigns,
the ownership of the materials except as otherwise provided herein.
The undersigned grants and conveys to the Society all right, title,
and interest in the materials and their content, including literary
rights and copyrights.
2. These rights have not been previously conveyed, assigned,
encumbered or impaired by the undersigned.
3. It is agreed that access to the materials shall be in
accordance with the direction and control of the Society and
subject to terms to be set by the Society. The Society is hereby
authorized, subject to the above and to any exceptions contained
herein, to duplicate, edit, publish, or permit the use of the
materials in any manner that the Society considers appropriate, and
any claim to royalties from such use is hereby waived.
4. The undersigned reserves for herself and her children,
Patricia P. Gesell and Peter G. Gesell, the right to use or
authori,ze the use of and access to the materials and their content
as a resource for any book, pamphlet, article or other writing by
any person designated by the undersigned or either of her said
Marion P. Gesel
AC?,Sl??EDQED before me this. day of
-C.’-‘-/’;:f??,,-r?’-=??? 1?—–‘ 1994.
,/,, ,f; ,,/ll // L! My commission expires—-,-?-? ….. ?-?-‘–?-?L’—?’?·-..J-f——
Date: .5//3/9? ? yl\ ?
Historical Society of the
District of Columbia Circuit
Schedule A
?ape recording(s) and transcript resulting from _____ _
1 1 11 ,,r’ ,1,1 ( number )
interviews of ?rh- rr · fHfe« on the
following dates: ‘tk,:J!.,,,JL. 27 1 I’,’!/