Standard Form
The Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit
Oral History Agreement of [Name oflnterviewer]
1. Having agreed to conduct an oral history interview with f1~ S . [)~ to , for the
Historical Society ofthe District of Col mbia Circuit, Washington, D.C., and its e ployees and
agents (hereinafter “the Society”), I, di ‘5. Pe; ‘,rJ , do hereby grant and convey to
the Society and its successors and assigns all of my rights, tie, and interest in the voice
recordings (digital recordings, easoeU llf!8S) and transcripts of interviews as described in
Schedule A hereto, including literary rights and copyrights. ·
2. I understand that the Society may duplicate, edit, or publish, in any form or format,-
including publication on the Internet, and permit the use of said voice recordings ( clig_ital
recordings, ea 0 Lq;esj and transcripts in any manner that the Society considers appropriate,
and I waive any claims I may have or acquire to any royalties from such use. ··~
My Commission expires: o t-/}t, / ‘Va l J— 1 t
My Commission Expires·
February 14,2017
ACCEPTED this Iii, day of fJwa-.0{ , 20 l_j_, by Stephen J. Pollak, President of
the Historical Society of the District of Co urn hi a Circ J
Step “n J. ollak
Schedule A
Tape recordings, digital records, transcripts, and computer media resulting from seven interviews
of Harriet S. Shapiro conducted on the following dates.
Interview No. and Date Description of Media Pages of
Containing Voice Recordings Final Transcript
No. 1: February 2, 2012 WMA 1-31
No. 2: February 6, 2012 WMA 32-59
No. 3: April 4, 2012 WMA 60-86
No. 4: May 23, 2012 WMA 87-114
No. 5: June 14, 2012 WMA 115-141
No. 6: July 9, 2012 WMA 142-163
No. 7: October 10, 2012 WMA 164-180