Form A !Unrestricted)
This will confirm my understanding and agreement with
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tapes will 1b. e maTdhee aisn treervsioeurwc eiss ptearpemdi,t . and a transcript of the and transcript (collectively called “the WTohrek t”a)p, eswi, lol r beth e tapes ,a,1’lclcnotrndainnP.ced wbyi tht hei tsS opr:iolcitcy ieasn d fmora: der esaveoa riclho blaen d boy thtehre sSocch!oeltayr lyL “l purposes.
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understandi3.n g. This agreement
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Schedule A
Tape recording(•) and transcript resulting from
interviewt(. of ______ E_r_w_i_n….,.,,N
on the following datea:1’
January 13, 1992
two audio tapes
28-page transcript
l/ Identify specifically for each interview, the date thereof
and (1) the number of tapes being conveyed, and (2) the number of
pages of the transcript of that interview.