ORAL HISTORY AGREEMENT Form A (Unrestricted) This will confirm my understanding and agreement with the Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit (hereinafter “the Society”) with respect to my participation in an interview conducted as part of the Society’s Oral History Project. 1. The interview is taped, and a transcript of the tapes will be made as resources permit. The tapes, or the tapes and transcript (collectively called “the Work”), will be !naintained by the Society and made available by the Society in accordance with its policies for research and other scholarly purposes. 2. In consideration of the Society’s preservation of the Work, I hereby· grant, assign, and transfer to the Society all right, title, and .interest in the Work, including literary rights and the copyright, except that during my lifetime I shall retain the right to copy, use, and publish the Work in part or in full. 3. This agreement contains our entire and complete understanding. (Name) (Date) r/,..,,/93 � ‘ of ACCEPTED AND the Distr.ict AGREED: of Columbia Historical Circuit Society � . (.bl. � By ‘� :ii . JpJ/:?r