Irwin Goldbloom

Born in Syracuse, New York in 1931, Irwin Goldbloom came to Washington, D.C. with his wife and child to work at the Justice Department in 1958. In his oral history, taken through 1992, he reflects on his time serving in the U.S. Army from 1952-1954 after being drafted and putting a hold on college, and working as an attorney in New York, including his position as partner at Latham & Watkins from 1978 to today in Washington, DC.

He says of one interesting case, “It was actually considered by many to be part of the whole Watergate scenario, but it did not start out that way. The case had a number of ramifications from both civil and criminal aspects, as well as political overtones. The case is worth describing. The events that led to the development of this lawsuit occurred well over a year before the Watergate break-in.”

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