DCCHS Newsletter 54

The latest newsletter from the Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit includes:

  • Observing the passing of two giants of the Court – Judge Laurence Silberman and U.S. Attorney Earl J. Silbert
  • A report on the celebration of the 40-year and 35-year tenures of Senior Judges Thomas F. Hogan and Royce C. Lamberth
  • A peek at two upcoming oral histories, soon to be published – Judge Inez Smith Reid and June Jeffries
  • The addition of the portrait of Judge Robert L. Wilkins
  • Notes from the Executive Director, Leith Alvaro, reflecting on her first year with the Society
  • Noting the upcoming 18th Annual Mock Court Program, scheduled in person (the first in person event since March 2020) for March 2, 2023
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