Newsletter 52 Page 1

The latest newsletter from the Historical Society of the D.C. Circuit includes:

  • a recap by Board President Jim Rocap of the Society’s May 2022 conversation between the Seventeenth Annual Mock Court program High School students and then-Judge, now-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson;
  • an article entitled “My Friend Pat Wald” by David Vladeck, DCCHS Board member and professor of law at the Georgetown University Law Center;
  • a continuation from our April newsletter of “Trial Lawyers Reminisce” by Carrie Johnson, DCCHS Board member and National Justice Correspondent for NPR; and,

  • From the Oral History Archives: The Precursor to Loving v. Virginia, an article distilled from the oral history archive of David Carliner, a renowned immigration, civil liberties and civil rights attorney.

Our newsletter also includes articles about Judge Judith Rogers portrait ceremony, a new Oral History of Judge Stephen F. Williams, the Society’s new Board members, and a Watergate teaser called “In the Room Where It Happened”.

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