Born: January 22, 1890
Louisa, Kentucky

Died: September 8, 1953
Washington, D.C.

Frederick Moore Vinson

Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit. Nominated by Franklin D. Roosevelt on November 26, 1937, to a seat vacated by Charles H. Robb; Confirmed by the Senate on December 9, 1937, and received commission on December 15, 1937. Service terminated on May 28, 1943, due to resignation.

Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the United States. Nominated by Harry S. Truman on June 6, 1946, to a seat vacated by Harlan Fiske Stone; Confirmed by the Senate on June 20, 1946, and received commission on June 21, 1946. Service terminated on September 8, 1953, due to death.

Centre College, B.A., 1909
Centre College, LL.B., 1911

Portrait Dimensions
Oil on canvas 47″ X 35″

Unknown Artist

Greenish-brown patina, height 17 1/2″, 1958

Don Turano (1930 – ) is a nationally known sculptor, medalist, art educator, and lecturer who was born in New York City and lived in Washington, D.C. He studied at the School of Industrial Art, the Corcoran School of Art, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and at the Rinehart School of Sculpture. He is known for his church sculpture and metal design. Mr. Turano received commissions to sculpt a life-sized bust of President Ronald Reagan for his presidential library. He also received commissions at the Washington National Cathedral. Mr. Turano worked in such materials as stone, terra cotta, bronze, silver, and wood and has exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and at the St. Louis Museum. He won first prize at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 1966 and taught sculpture at George Washington University and the Corcoran School of Art.

Professional Career:

Private practice, Louisa, Kentucky, 1911-1917
City Attorney, Louisa, Kentucky, 1913
U.S. Army Private and Officer Trainee, 1917-1919
Private practice, Louisa, Kentucky, 1919-1924
Commonwealth attorney, Thirty-Second Judicial District of Kentucky, 1921-1924
U.S. Representative from Kentucky, 1923-1929
Private practice, Ashland, Kentucky, 1929-1931
U.S. Representative from Kentucky, 1931-1938
Chief judge, U.S. Emergency Court of Appeals, 1942-1943
Director, Office of Economic Stabilization, 1943-1945
Administrator, Federal Loan Administration, 1945
Director, Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion, 1945
U.S. Treasury Secretary, 1945-1946

University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.

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Harvard University Law School, Cambridge, Mass.

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University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

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University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.

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