Born:  January 3, 1911
Cincinnati, Ohio

Died: September 3, 1992

Summary by
Genevieve Beske.

Interviews Conducted by
Robert S. Peck, Esq.

Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., Esq.

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Oral History Summary


BS, Harvard U., 1932
LLB, Harvard U., 1935
LHD (hon.), Hebrew Union Coll., 1978
LLD (hon.), Georgetown U., 1990

Occupation 4230- lawyer
Career, Wayne Morse chair U. Oreg., 1989
regents’ lectr. U. Calif.-San Diego, 1990

Positions Held
Gen. Counsel, Miners fro Democracy, 1070-72
Emeritus, 1992-
Gen. Counsel, Leadership Conf. on Civil Rights, 104-92
Gen. Counsel, UAW, 1963-66
Washington counsel, UAW, 1951-63
Mem., Rauh & Silard and successor firms, 1961-87
Mem., Rauh & Levy, Washington, 1947-61
Gen. dep. housing expediter, Vets. Emergency Housing Program, 1946-47
Since practiced in, Washington
Counsel various govt. agys., 1935-42
Law sec. supreme ct. justices, Cardozo and Frankfurter, 1936-39
LAW Civil rights
Federal civil litigation

Bar: D.C. 1946

Creative Works
Author articles civil rights and liberties

Civic / Military
Trustee Antioch Law Schh. and successor D.C. Sch. law, 1980
Nat. bd. dirs. NAACP
Vice Chmn. D.C. Dem. Com., 1952-62, chmn., 1964-67, del. Dem. Nat. Conv., 1948, 52, 60, 64, 80. Lt. col. AUS, 1942-45.

Decorated Legion of Merit, Disting. Service Star P.I.
Recipient Civil Rights award Am. Jewish Congress, 1963, Florina Lasker Civil Liberties award, 1965, Oliver Wendell Holmes award ACLU, 1967, Isaiah award Am. Jewish Com., 1972, Nat. Congress Hispanic Citizens award, 1976, Four Freedoms award, 1983, Leadership Conf. Humphrey Civil Rights award, 1984, Bearer of Light award Union Am. Hebrew Congregations, 1985, Eugene V. Debs Found. award, 1986, Marshall-Wythe medallion William and Mary Coll., 1987, Common Cause award, 1987, Alliance for Justice award, 1987, ACLU Medal of Liberty, 1987, Antioch Law Sch. award 1988, Mass. Sr. Action Council award, 1988. Cin. ACLU award, 1988, LDF award NAACP, 1989, Am. Assn. for Affirmative Action award, 1990, Pro Bono award NAACPLDF, 1990, Martin Luther King award B’nai B’rith, 1991
Fellow Brandeis U., 1969-
Hon. fellow U. Pa. Law Sch., 1970
John F, Kennedy Meml. fellow N.Z., 1974

Mem. Ams. for Dem. Action (chmn. exec. com. 1947-52, cice chmn. 1952-55, 57, nat. chmn. 1955-57)

Son of Joseph L. and Sara (Weiler) R.
Married to Olie Westheimer, Sept. 1, 1935
Children: B. Michael, Carl S.
Gender: Male
Birth Date: January 3, 1911
Birthplace: Cin.
Died: September 3, 1992
Address Home, Washington, D.C.

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