Born:  July 14, 1904
East Cleveland, Ohio

Summary by
Victoria Radd Rollins

Interviews Conducted by
Victoria L. Radd, Esq.

Erwin N. Griswold, Esq.

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Oral History Summary


A.B. 1925, A.M. 1925, Oberlin College
LL.B 1928, S.J.D. 1929, Harvard Law School

Honorary degrees from thirty institutions, including:

United States: Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Michigan, Brown, Amherst, and Tulane
Canada: Dalhousie, Toronto, Western Ontario, British Columbia
Australia: Oxford University, the University of Edinburgh, Sydney, and Melbourne

Lawyer, Former Dean of the Harvard Law School
Former Solicitor General of the United States

Presently engaged in the private practice of law in the firm of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Metropolitan Square, 1450 G Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005-2088

Admitted to the Ohio Bar, 1929, Massachusetts Bar, 1935
D.C. Bar, 1973
Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1932

Practiced in Cleveland, Ohio, 1929
Attorney in Office of the Solicitor General and Special Assistant to the Attorney General, Washington, D.C. 1929-1934
Member of the faculty of the Harvard Law School from 1934 until 1967
Dean of the Harvard Law School 1946-1967
Solicitor General of the United States, 1967-1973
Received American Bar Association Gold Medal, 1978

Oberlin College, 1936-80, Emeritus since Jan. 1, 1980
Bradford Junior College, 1942-49
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, 1942-26
Harvard Law Review Association, 1938-67

United States Commission of Civil Rights, 1961-1967
Commission on Domestic Activities of the C.I.A., 1975
President, Association of American Law Schools, 1957-1958
Director, American Bar Foundation, 1963-1978 (President, 1971-1974)
Member of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Ass’n 1958-1986
Board of Governors, 1966-1969
Honorary Bencher of Inner Temple, England
American Law Institute (member of Council)
American College of Trial Lawyers
American Philosophical Society
Fellow of British Academy
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Phi Beta Kappa

Spendthrift Trust, 1936, 2d ed. 1947
Cases on Federal Taxation, six editions through 1966 (revised edition with Michael Graetz, 1976)
Cases on Conflict of Law (with others), five editions through 1964
The Fifth Amendment Today, 1955, Harvard University Press
Law and Lawyers in the United States, 1964, Harvard University Press
“Ould Fields, New Corne: The Personal Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Lawyer,” 1992, West Publishing Company
Contributor of articles in numerous legal periodicals and in the Geographical Review

Born East Cleveland, Ohio, July 14, 1904

Married to Harriet Ford, two children- Mrs. Daniel Murrow; William E. Griswold

Courtesy of the Harvard Law Bulletin

Overseeing the Admission of Women to Harvard Law School