Born: April 13, 1850
Cortland, New York

Died: January 29, 1920
Yonkers, New York

Charles Holland Duell

Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit. Nominated by Theodore Roosevelt on December 16, 1904, to a seat vacated by Seth Shepard; Confirmed by the Senate on January 5, 1905, and received commission on January 5, 1905. Service terminated on August 31, 1906, due to resignation.

Hamilton College, A.B., 1871
Hamilton College Law School, 1872

Frame Dimensions
Oil on canvas 40″ X 30″

Richard Norris Brooke (1847 – 1920), a native of Warrenton, Virginia, studied at the Pennsylvania Academy and then in Paris with Leon Bonnat, a realist and portrait painter. One of Mr. Brooke’s paintings, Pastoral Visit, a portrait of an elderly black minister with a family of his parishioners, was for years one of the most popular paintings at the Corcoran Gallery. Like many other portraits painted by Mr. Brooke, this is considered a sympathetic and dignified depiction of a fellow Southerner, an African-American man, painted in 1880, just years after the Civil War. Brooke viewed blacks as an “integral part of Southern culture and wanted to represent them as such.”

Professional Career:

Private practice, New York City, 1873-1880
Member, New York Assembly, 1878, 1880
Private practice, Syracuse, New York, 1880-1898
U.S. Commissioner of Patents, 1898-1901
Private practice, New York City, 1901-1904
Private practice, New York City, 1906-1913, 1915