Born: February 27, 1925
Camden, New Jersey

Died: May 29, 2004
Washington, D.C.

Summary by
Zona Hostetler

Interviews Conducted by
Zona F. Hostetler, Esq.

Professor Samuel Dash

Oral History Text & Documentation

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Oral History Summary

BIOGRAPHY – July 10, 1997

Parents – Joseph and Ida (Weinberg)
Married – Sara Goldhirsh, July 14, 1946
Children – Judy and Rachel

Temple University, BS 1947
Harvard University, JD 1950
Fairfield University, LLD 1974
Georgiatown University, LLD 1983
Temple University, PSD 1978

Illinois 1950
Pennsylvania 1952
U.S. Supreme Court 1955
Washington, DC 1978

The Eavesdroppers, 1959
Chief Counsel, 1976

Office of Independent Counsel in Whitewater Matter, Ethics Counsel, 1994-1998
Senate of Alaska, Chief Counsel Impeachment Inquiry, 1985
Senate of Porto Rico, Special Counsel on Cerro Maravilla Investigation, 1983-1992
Law Reform Commission, Australia, Counsel, 1977-1981
National Association Attorneys General, Counsel, 1971-1973
Ford Foundation, Counsel, 1958-1963
US Senate Select Committee Presidential Campaign Activities (Senate Watergate Commission), Chief Counsel, 1973-1974
Georgetown University School of Law, Professor, 1965-2004
Philadelphia Council of Community Advancement, Director, 1963-1965
Dash & Levy, Philadelphia, Partner, 1958-1963
Blank & Rudenko, Philadelphia, Partner, 1956-1958
Philadelphia, District Attorney, 1955-1956

The above is a summary of Samuel Dash’s career. Read more in his bio attached to his Oral History above.

Courtesy of the Georgetown University Law Center