Born:  April 26, 1927
Menominee, Michigan

Summary by
Jonathan Ogden

Interviews Conducted by
Stuart F. Pierson, Esq.

Abe Krash, Esq.

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Graduate Fellow, Yale Law School, 1949-50
JD, University of Chicago Law School, 1949
BA, University of Chicago, 1946

District of Columbia

Abe Krash received a law degree from the University of Chicago in 1949 and was a graduate fellow at the Yale Law School. He has been a visiting lecturer at Yale Law School and is presently Visiting Professor from Practice at the Georgetown University Law Center where he teaches Constitutional Law. Mr. Krash is the author of numerous articles on topics relating to constitutional law, antitrust and trade regulation, criminal law, and federal civil procedure.

He was for many years head of the Arnold & Porter antitrust practice group, and he was President of the Friends of the Law Library of Congress. Mr. Krash was counsel for many major companies, including among others Miller Brewing Company, Kraft General Foods, Philip Morris, Lever Brothers, and Monsanto, in all kinds of proceedings.

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Abe Krash “Sounding The Trumpet: The Gideon Case” 1996
Abe Krash “Insanity and the Law, Part II: Toward A Saner Insanity Defense–The Durham Case” 1996