Mock Court Program for D.C. High School Students - March 10, 2017

Each of the over 170 students who participated in the Society's Mock Court Program this year argued before one of the 14 judges who volunteered to hear the students' arguments and question them about their cases. Three of the judges -- Chief Judge Merrick Garland, Judge David Sentelle and Judge Robert Wilkins -- sit on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Chief Judge Beryl Howell, and Judges Ketanji Jackson (pictured left with student), Christopher Cooper, Tanya Chutkan, Deborah Robinson, and G. Michael Harvey sit on the U.S. District Court here. They were joined by Judge Martin Teel of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Judge Willliam Bryson of the Federal Circuit, Judges Phyllis Thompson and John Ferren of the D. C. Court of Appeals, and Judge Frank Burgess of the D.C. Superior Court.

The judges praised the students for their presentations, finding it difficult to choose the best advocate from all those who argued before them. Nonetheless, the following students received Outstanding Advocate Awards:
  • From H.D. Woodson High School: Urlick Evans, Dontre Jackson, Erick Mills, Octavia Starkey, and Keval Welch.
  • From School Without Walls: Erica Dugue, Maggie Drelichman, Isabel Uriagereka Herberger, Simon O'Sullivan, and Thomas Townsend
  • From McKinley Tech High School: Christina Cole, Jamir Grayton, and Bernard Myers
  • From Maret School: Lynn Farquhar

[Pictured below, from left to right. Row One: Judge Sentelle and his students, Chief Judge Howell and her students. Row Two: Judge Bryson and his students, Judge Cooper and his students. Row Three: Judge Harvey and his students, Judge Teel and his students. Row Five: Judge Jackson and her students, Judge Ferren and his students. Row Six: Judge Chutkan and a student, Judge Robinson and her students. Row Seven: Jim Rocap, Chair of the Society's Mock Court Program]

** Group photographs taken by the volunteer attorney mentors. Photographs of individual students taken by Ann Wilkins, Circuit Executive's Office

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